Style doesn’t completely describe a person

Hello wonderful people or whoever you are!

Today I want to talk (write) about how style doesn’t completely describe who someone is. Why? Because it bothers me when I hear people saying something like “Oh, your hair is short and you are a girl, you like girls”. Let’s begin.

Many times I’ve heard stuff like “You are a girl, why is your hair short? Are you gay?” or “You dress like a boy, you are gay”, now news to those who said that, your THEORY is not true. If somebody has short hair or dresses like a boy, it DOES NOT mean they are gay. Maybe they are just comfortable like that. I’m telling you this because I’m a girl and I dress like a boy (kind of, a bit) and I have a short hair, it’s touching my shoulders and I can bet that at least 60% of people who met me thought or still are thinking that I’m lesbian. There are other things that probably made them think that, like the fact that I still don’t have a boyfriend or the way that I act.


Style, the way you act or walk, your hair, your relationship status, none of that. Every bit of those stuff that I named above defines you a bit, but not completely.

There are tiny miny little things in you that make you different.

As I said, I have a short hair, but the reason behind it is that I’m more confident and it’s easier for me because I have a lot of hair and washing it when it was long was mission impossible. I dress like a boy or at least they say I do and I’m proud of that because I am who I am, I’m original, I am me. I’m confident in those clothes and I feel safe and I like that style. It took me a lot of time to make those moves, getting short haircut and buying clothes that I feel confident in because of people like that. People that would judge me before they would even meet me just by my style of clothes or hair. It took me years because I was afraid what would others say about it, I was afraid that boys wouldn’t like me and that nobody would want to be with me, but as I cut my hair short I got comments like “Short hair looks better on you, keep it that way” which made me happy because that’s the way I feel good, it’s my thing and the fact that people around me like it too, it makes me happy. Again, I won, I’ve beaten my fears and I’m proud. 

Don’t be afraid to express yourself, don’t be afraid to be yourself because being yourself, that’s what matters.  Stand up and show who you are. That’s why you exist, to make difference in this wonderful world, to stand out and be yourself, to bring some change onto this world.

Once again, I googled few words on here that I used because that’s how much I trust my brain. Some words will always look weird to me, I don’t know why, they just do, so I just google them to make sure I’ve written them right or if I used them right. Oh silly, little me.

Featured Image credit photographymad


3 thoughts on “Style doesn’t completely describe a person

  1. Brave !
    You know what … Listen to everyone (even those who stereo type you), but do what YOU think is the best..
    Life is given to us once and if we spend it satisfying some body else’s whims and fancies, then when will we live for ourselves !?
    May God bless you.

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