That final “The End”. When?

Hello people and whoever you are!

As some of you may know already, I have crush on this guy for 4-5 years now, honestly I don’t count anymore, but when will it end?

As I said, love is such a strange thing. You don’t know when will it start or who will be “that one”. You know nothing not even when it will end, sadly. Some of you might say now that I should just ignore him, hide when I see him and just to ignore his messages, but what messages? Hide from who? I can’t hide from him and I can’t ignore his messages. I see him rarely, like once a year maybe and messages, well they don’t happen at all.

“But how can you be in love with someone who you don’t even see or talk to?”

I don’t know, I know it makes no sense, it doesn’t even make sense to me so I don’t blame you. Also I don’t even know if I should call him “crush” because mostly it means that it wont last long, like maybe few months, but this is years, we are talking years here. Well damn I’m hexed.

Now I’m asking you, lovely people, when will it end? Is it possible that there is no “the end” to something? Every story has “the end”, but I feel like this one wont have it. I know that I’m still young and there are still loads of people to meet, boys to fall in love with, but still, any part of my story you take, it doesn’t make sense at all. It’s just bunch of weird words and scenes that don’t make sense at all.

Like in everything on this world, laws and theories, there’s an exception for something. As a person who like interesting stories, laws and theories with an exception, I believe that there are relationships with exception of how long it will last or how it will work out, I don’t know any other way to say it than like that.

Now the real question is “Do you want for it to end?”

Do I? 50-50. I do love him and I think he’s a great guy, but this doesn’t make sense anymore, I just feel like a crazy person for still loving him or wanting him. I rarely see him as I said, we don’t message at all, every conversation started with my message. It doesn’t make sense. He showed every sign of “not interested” with exceptions, oh how I love exceptions, but still, I feel like a crazy person. Somebody help me or call Jesus, he might know the answer.

Now I also realized that most of my blog posts, for now, are about him or he is in them as an example. Do you understand me now? Am I crazy enough for you now?

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7 thoughts on “That final “The End”. When?

  1. No not crazy at all. Just in love. Maybe you should wait, maybe you should talk. We’re humans and our decisions are highly subjective. That’s the best part. Don’t call it an end, I suggest you get to know more of him than just texts. 😊

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    1. I can’t get to know more of him even if I want to (which I do), but impossible because it seems he doesn’t want to talk with me, when I message him we do talk and everything goes amazing because we have same interests, but he just says “good night” and that’s it, I know he’s online, but that’s just it…so mission impossible 🙂


  2. Hi 🙂
    Similar situation to yours, had a crush on this friend of mine for like 3 years. Either she saw this and is not interested or she really doesn`t know. I never really said to her face that I`m in love with her because whenever my courage got up … she would be with somebody already.
    What helped me was talking to some close friends and my own realization that being stuck in this loophole is damaging. So I just said fuck it and went on by knowing others.
    I realized that I was in love with the idea of loving her and that if it`s not meant to be, force it will do no god.

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    1. I talked to my friends, all of my close friends and they said the same, “he doesn’t deserve you” and I already realized that it’s not good for me, I realized that a year ago, but it’s just not going away


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